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02/7/2015 4:51 pm  #1

PebbleCon November 2017

Hi as some of you are not on Ran's I'll post this here too

I’m having a big 40th birthday party on Sat 25th November 2017.  Yes it’s early, but experience tells me that large function rooms tend to get booked up for Xmas, so I need to actually start thinking about this and looking for a suitable venue.
The Party will be either in very short walking distance to a hotel or in one.  It will be somewhere in Essex with access to a train station or maybe London.

My Husband is still kinda terrified of all my imaginary internet friends even if he has met some of you already.  He has agreed that I can have a Birthday party with lots of you there.  There will also be many of my family and other friends there as well.

If you know me and we have interacted on some level and you think you both want to and will be able to come, please let me know.  I’m not looking for firm commitments right now just trying to gauge how big a venue I need.  

Please also let me know if you think you will want to stay in a hotel room for the night.  

Yes I could PM you all directly, but there is not enough space in my inbox.  Exact details will be sent privately nearer the time.

Love to all.

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